Ms. Roshni Sarah John​

The World Bank

It was a pleasure to work with you and your company Goodshine Concept Creation Pvt. Ltd for the World Bank event “Vulnerability of Sundarbans in a Changing Climate”. We highly appreciate your sincerity and patience in understanding our needs and ensuring that our expectations were met.

Even the smallest of tasks was done with utmost sincerity.  Our team was highly impressed with your efficiency and dedication. We found that each and every member of your company that we interacted with to be very enthusiastic, motivated and committed.

We look forward to working with you again.

Mr. Alex Joseph

Greenlam Industries Limited

We are happy with the performance and commitment shown by your team. The event was well appreciated by our trade partners because of the Pre-n-Post connect program and quality of execution.

Congratulation to ‘GCC “team on the successful closure of ‘Greenlam Fresh arrival launch’ across the 8 metro towns.

Looking forward to do more projects together.


Mr. Damiano Francovigh

Consul Generale of Italy

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the efforts made by Goodshine Concept Creation in the framework of the contract signed on 14/3/2018 with the Consulate General of Italy.

Goodshine Concept Creation has supported the Consulate setting all decorations in the occasion of the National Day reception on 17th March, providing assistance in all requests coming from our side. All guests have appreciated the ambience created, its elegance and the Italian touch expressed by it. The work carried out by GCC has greatly contributed to the success of our event.

Mr. Subinay Nandi​

Raichak on Ganges

Jai is a thorough professional and has a strong inclination to understand the audience and work out the HO with every event that he plans and manages. Most importantly, he works in cohesion with the entire team and never gives us an opportunity to ever consider him as a vendor or someone outside our very own team.

He values his relations with his clients and partners and goes the extra mile to stay connected outside business as well; a rare quality in today’s atmosphere.

Apart from the events organized by us, Jai is regularly organizing multiple other social and business events for the property. It gives me immense pleasure to share that he and his team have been always appreciated and highly regarded for the work done. We at Raichak on Ganges are very proud to have partnered with him.

Mr. Jayanta Paul

Signify Innovations India Ltd

Jai has always successfully understood our business, organization and the activity requirements. He has never failed to deliver best in class execution for our corporate events, launches, promotional activities as well as marketing initiatives. Though young and high on energy, he comes with a strategic bent of mind and creativity. High on deliverables, quality and with an eye for details, we see Jai as a very valued partner. We see high potentials in him and are confident of his success in future projects. While Jai has been at the helm of several events such as our Policy Deployment event, dealer & distributor meets, corporate meets and promotional activities, we would like to make a few special mentions that were especially challenging and yet were delivered extremely efficiently.

Our Policy Deployment event in 2018 was a very important event, which had the entire India leadership team as well as the entire Eastern regions teams for our Consumer, Professional and OEM businesses attending the same. Jai spearheaded the event and brilliantly managed the project from concept to final execution.

Another important and challenging event that deserves special call out is the recent launch of our CeilingSecure downlights. This was an event, which was decided last minute and Jai worked along with his team to execute the event within extremely tight time schedules; he worked along challenges such as unavailability of the venue of our choice, vendors and along extremely stringent timelines. However, he worked relentlessly to turn around the situation by getting the venue ready in 3 hours, which on an average would take 8 hours. The launch was extremely successful and kudos to Jai and his team for the same.